Frequently Asked Questions about permanant jewlrey

Can Children Get Permanent Jewelry?

Sort of… All children under 12 receive special pricing for their permanent jewelry experience.  We make their PJ with a clasp. This is strickly related to guidelines put in place by the Consumer Product Safety Commision.

How Does Permanent Jewelry Work?

Simple!  Pick out your favorite chains from our selections of either 14k gold / rose gold filled or sterling silver.  We will then measure your wrist, or ankle for sizing.  Finally, we will “ZAP” the jump ring to secure your new accessory.  

What if I need an MRI or Surgery?

If you must remove your PJ for a procedure, simply cut the jewelry off at the jump ring.  After your procedure, bring your piece back and we can Re-weld it.

What happens if My jewelry breaks ?

We offer complimentary Re-weld if your item breaks within a 30-day window.  After this, we reserve the right to charge a fee for repair or replacement. 

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